Computer Applications(8)

Students will use technology tools to manage personal schedules and contact information, create memos and notes, prepare simple reports and other business communications, manage computer operations and file storage, and use electronic mail, Internet applications and search for and access information. Students will develop skills related to word processing, database management and spreadsheet applications. Students will demonstrate knowledge of hardware components, classes of software, basic data communications components and trends, and technical knowledge of the Internet including Internet protocols. Students will demonstrate understanding of Internet security issues, how to use and troubleshoot Internet connections including Internet software, how to use virus protection techniques and how to use the Internet to communicate and collaborate.


Biology is the introductory high school science class.  Biology covers the topics of the nature of life, leaning and behavior, ecology, cell structure and function, genetics, taxonomy, evolution, and general plant and animal physiology.

Human Body Systems (A&P)(11-12)

This course will present the human body and biological systems.  Students learn anatomical terminology, cells and tissues, study functional systems (skeletal, muscular, digestive, etc.) and dissect organs of select systems.

Project Management(11)

Project Management and Resource Scheduling Project Management courses provide students with the information and skills necessary for success in managing projects and operating logistical ventures in technology, business, and industry. This course covers scheduling of resources (including personnel, budget, timelines, and equipment), utilization of Gantt charts, economic principles within the workplace, and risk management. Other possible topics include developing a business plan, finance, business law, marketing and promotion strategies, insurance employee/employer relations, problem-solving and decision-making, and building leadership skills. These courses may also incorporate a survey of the careers within technology and engineering industries.

Biomedical Innovation(12)

In this capstone course, students will design and conduct experiments related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or illness. They will apply their knowledge and skills to answer questions or to solve problems related to the biomedical sciences.  They will become familiar with mammalian anatomy through dissection.  Students will analyze real world data and scenarios, related to public health and safety, and draw conclusion from those situations.  They will also become familiar with current microbiology and genetics techniques and protocols.



Instructors: Mrs. Gerstner-(Lead) Ms. Heizelman Mr. Bauer Mrs. Matlack


Medical & Clinical Lab Technician $18.73/hr $38,970 annual
Psychiatrist $90.00+/hr $187,200+ annual
Biostatistician $38.51/hr $80,110 annual
Surgeons $90.00+/hr $187,200+ annual
Biomendical Engineer $41.45/hr $86,220 annual


Career Choices

Cell Biologist

Clinical Trails Research Associate
Clinical Trails Research Coordinator



Pharmaceutical Scientist

Regulatory Affairs Specialist


Nurse Practitioners

Nursing Assistants