Career and Life Planning (8-9)

Course designed to introduce students to various skills to be productive in society.  Include goals, decision making process, effects of stress and various ways to handle that stress.  Students are exposed to exploring various careers.

Human Growth and Developement (10-12)

The primary goal provides students with knowledge and skills as related to human growth and development (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual) across the life span in family, workplace, and community. The content will have an overview of life stages while focusing on the prenatal and birth process along with the emotional and physical development of children. The care of children, building and maintaining interpersonal relationships will also be analyzed.

Family Studies (10-12)

Family Living courses emphasize building and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships among family members and other members of society. These courses often emphasize (but are not limited to) topics such as social/dating practices, human sexuality and reproduction, marriage preparation, parenthood and the function of the family unit, and the various stages of life. They may also cover topics related to individual self-development, career development, personal awareness, and preparation for the responsibilities of a family member and wage earner.

Consumer and Personal Finance (10-12)

This course will provide students with an understanding of the concepts and principles related to personal finance and consumer decision making.  The class will cover spending patterns, savings and investing, budgeting, credit, insurance and taxes. Along with this, it will include consumer rights, consumer protection, media involvement, and an overview of the American economy. 

Nutrition and Wellness (10-12)

Course puts main focus on personal health topics such as stress management, lifelong activities, exercise, nutrition and healthy self-image.  Evaluation of consumer decisions based on advertising and many management skills are also emphasized.

Career and Community Connections (12)

Career and Community Connections is the Application level course for the learner to apply technical skills in a professional learning experience, unpaid or paid, outside or within the school environment. Included will be continued development and finalization of the student’s portfolio.  Career and Community Connections provides the opportunity for learners to focus on career related topics, team building and effectiveness in the world of work, and acquiring job-seeking skills and retention needed to advance within the workplace

Instructors: Mrs. Witt (Lead) Mrs. Warner


Personal Care Aide $10.09/hr $20,980 annual
Residential Advisors: Community Housing of Service Worker $12.01/hr $24,990 annual
Social and Human Service Assistant $14.82/hr $30,830 annual
Childcare Worker $9.77/hr $20,320 annual
Customer Service Representative: Consumer Goods or Services Representative / Retail Representative $15.25/hr $31,720 annual


Career Choices

Adult Day Care Coordinator

Adult Day Care Worker

Child Life Educator

Community Housing Service Worker

Community Service Director

Coordinator of Volunteers

Director of Religious Activities/ Education Programs

Emergency and Relief Worker

Geriatric Services Worker

Human Services Worker

Leisuree Activities Coordinator

Religious Leader

Residential Advisor

Social and Human Services

Social Services Worker