Introduction to LPSS (10-12)

This course will introduce occupations and agencies that makeup the field of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LPSS).  The industry standards, policies/procedures, and practices will be explored detailing appropriate professional conduct.  The course will include reviewing the Bill of Rights and individual protections as granted by all levels of the court system.  Two additional areas of content will be crime classification including cybercrime and general safety information for hazardous materials as it relates to the occupations in the LPSS area.

Fire Science I (11-12)

FS 110 Firefighter I:  Beginning course leading to Firefighter I certification, including emergency medical care, fire behavior, firefighting equipment and rescue and safety procedures.
FS 150 Hazardous Materials Operations:  The knowledge and skills first-responding firefighters and EMS personnel need to safely respond to routine and non-routine emergencies that may involve hazardous materials.

Fire Science II (11-12)

FS113  Firefighter II:  A follow-up course to FS110 Firefighter I, leading to a Firefighter II certification, including fire behavior, firefighting equipment, rescue and safety procedures, fire department operations and management and emergency medical care.
FS 151 Fire Ground Operations: This course covers basic fire ground operations, including live fire suppression, ventilation, and search and rescue.

Instructors: Mr. Schutte (Lead) Mr. Van Schaick


Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics: EMT / Rescue Workers $15.38/hr $31,980 annual
Fire Fighters / Municipal Fire Fighters / Forest Fire Fighters $22.53/hr $46,870 annual
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $27.27/hr $56,730 annual


Career Choices

Emergency management

Response Coordinator

Emergency Planning Manager

Fire Fighter
Forest Fire Fighter
Forest Fire Inspector and Investigator
Hazardous Materials Responder
Manage/Supervisor of Fire
Fighters or Forest Fire Fighters
Rescue Worker
Training Officer