Intro to Government and Public Administration (8)

This course will introduce students to the knowledge and skills of serving the general public in a variety of occupations. Topics will include identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and setting career goals, leadership, teamwork and problem solving, analyzing leadership roles and identifying leadership opportunities within the school.

Career and Life Planning (8-9)

Course designed to introduce students to various skills to be productive in society.  Include goals, decision making process, effects of stress and various ways to handle that stress. Students are exposed to exploring various careers.

Government and Public Administration Fundamentals (12)

This course will look at meeting the needs of the U.S. culture through positions within Government and Public Administration. Topics will include the role of government in providing services for the US population, the impact of the US on other nations as well as the impact of other nations on the US, and the professional traits required of those in this field. In addition, it will look at the problem solving and critical thinking processes, and leadership and teamwork practices.

Business Economics (12)

Business Economics will provide students with an overview of the principles of economics and the US economic system. It will focus on how an individual and groups make choices to fulfill their unlimited wants with limited resources  The course will integrate principles of a free market, consumerism, and the role of the American government with the business concepts of marketing, law, and entrepreneurship risk.  A variety of approaches will be used in this class including stock market simulations, corporate risk reports, game theory in practice and how the free market influences individual choice, government decisions and international trade.

Accounting I (10-12)

Accounting courses introduce and expand upon the fundamental accounting principles and procedures used in businesses. Course content typically includes the full accounting cycle, payroll, taxes, debts, depreciation, ledger and journal techniques, and periodic adjustments. Students may learn how to apply standard auditing principles and to prepare budgets and final reports. Calculators, electronic spreadsheets, or other automated tools are usually used. Advanced topics may include elementary principles of partnership and corporate accounting and the managerial uses of control systems and the accounting process.

Governance Application (12)

This course applies the skills needed in government and public administration professions. It includes the application of leadership and teamwork within the classroom or as an intern at a work location. Topics may include working within budgets, negotiation/communication with co-workers, developing proposals, making oral presentations and making informed decisions to meet an identified need.


Instructors: Mrs. Warner Mr. Vermillion Mr. Schutte Mr. Warsnak- (Lead)


Court, Municipal & License Clerks $17.23/hr $35,850 annual
Management Analyst $39.10/hr $81,320 annual
General and Operations Managers $46.99/hr $97,730 annual
Political Scientists $47.95/hr $99,730 annual
Public Relations Specialists $27.29/hr $56,770 annual


Career Choices
City Council Member

City Manager

City or County Clerk

County Administrator or Clerk

Executive Director
Chamber of Commerce
Charitable Organization
Industrial Foundation
General Service Officer
Management Analysis Officer

Station Manager

Program Administration Officer