CTE Vocabulary


An articulated sequence of academic and career/technical courses, beginning at the eighth grade level and leading to an industry recognized certificarte, associate degree, baccalaureate degree and beyond. HHS has 14 KSDE approved pathways. An approved pathway:
a) Includes minimum of three high school courses
b) Includes a work-based element
c) Consists of a sequence of courses: introductory, technical, and application.
d) Includes a program of study and articulation agreements

Advisory Committee

A group of persons from business and industry who work with the CTE educators to advise them on the development and operation of the CTE pathway

Articulation Agreements

An agreement between HHS and post-secondary institution created to enable high school graduates to have a smooth transition from their high school CTE pathway to the post-secondary level. Articulation agreements can be college credit, tuiton waiver, or a scholarship as state in each agreement.

Competency Profile

A list of industry-recognized skills guiding the curriculum for CTE pathway concentrators must be completed at 80% or higher


A student who has taken three credits at the secondary level in one pathway

Senate Bill 155

Passed into law on July 1, 2012. The main purpose is to stimulate growth in CTE at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. The Kansas workforce will increasingly demand more highly-technical and highly skilled worker. Senate Bill 155 will provide:
*Tuiton reimbursement for high school students enrolled in college-level CTE courses.