Career & Life Planning (8-9)

Course designed to introduce students to various skills to be productive in society.  Include goals, decision making process, effects of stress and various ways to handle that stress.  Students are exposed to exploring various careers.

Computer Applications (8)

Students will use technology tools to manage personal schedules and contact information, create memos and notes, prepare simple reports and other business communications, manage computer operations and file storage, and use electronic mail, Internet applications and search for and access information. Students will develop skills related to word processing, database management and spreadsheet applications. Students will demonstrate knowledge of hardware components, classes of software, basic data communications components and trends, and technical knowledge of the Internet including Internet protocols. Students will demonstrate understanding of Internet security issues, how to use and troubleshoot Internet connections including Internet software, how to use virus protection techniques and how to use the Internet to communicate and collaborate.

Photo Imaging (10-12)

Photo Imaging courses provide students with the opportunity to effectively communicate ideas and information via digital, film, still and video photography. Topics covered typically include composition, layout, lighting and supplies. More advanced courses may include instruction in specialized camera and equipment maintenance, application to commercial and industrial need and photography business operations.

Graphic Design Fundamental (9-10)

Graphic Design Fundamentals provides a basic understanding of the graphic design process. Topics include analyzing the design elements and principles, exploring industry tools, software and equipment and learning composition techniques to develop a quality product.

Computer Graphics (10-11)

The Computer Graphics course teaches students how to modify and create digital images using image-editing software.  Students will apply graphic techniques, study color techniques, apply filters, work with typography, and create images or the web.  Students will design and evaluate graphics used for advertising, events, and web pages. 

Graphic Design (10-12)

Graphic Design course will emphasize design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message.  The class projects will focus on creating products such as advertisements, product design, and identity symbols.  The learner will become familiar with available software packages for designing.

Media Technology-Workplace Experience (12)

Media Technology—Workplace Experience courses provide students with work experience in fields related to media technology. Goals are typically set cooperatively by the student, teacher, and employer (although students are not necessarily paid). These courses may include classroom activities as well, involving further study of the field or discussion regarding experiences that students encounter in the workplace. This course is designed for the student who wishes to apply their educations computer background on real hands-on projects. The focus is on the use of computers in graphic design work. The student will apply elements of design, reach a target market, design with color, and apply typography in design. To achieve this goal the student will be working for the community and high school in creating a variety of projects. The student will have an opportunity to participate in workplace experiences such as communicating with customers, meeting deadlines, calculating billing statements, practicing dining etiquette, wearing business apparel, etc. 


Instructors: Mrs. Watkins (Lead) Mrs. Klassen Mrs. Wedel Mr. Caldwell


Reporters $15.89/hr $33,051 annual
Correspondents $15.89/hr $33,051 annual
Publisher $24.72/hr $52,417 annual
Journalist $24.72/hr $52,417 annual
Broadcast News Analyst $33.69/hr $70,075 annual


Career Choices

Art Director


Commercial Artist

Commercial Photographer

Digital, Still, Video,

Residential and home


Computer Animator

Curator and Gallery Manager

Fashion Design

Fashion Illustrator

Graphic Designer


Interior Designer

Textile Designer