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Even though the sports season has changed to winter, the goal of the Dragon Dazzlers has remained the same. They are constantly learning new dances for new songs to spread spirit through an exciting, energetic medium. The Dragon Dazzlers work hard to create a new dance for every home game to entertain the crowd. They even did a halftime show with the band and cheer squad during football season! This collaboration didn't change during basketball season because they performed with cheer during half time at the Rupp Tournament.

Ashley Slobodnik, Dance Coach

“The team has done an amazing job this year with being flexible and coming together as a squad. They are a group of amazing and very talented girls.”

-Ashley Slobodnik, Dance Coach

Ashley Watkins, Assistant Dance Coach

Ashley Watkins, Assistant Dance Coach

Dance team picture
Dance team performing
Dance cheering to crowd
Dance team at Meet the Dragons
Dancers finishing a routine