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KAY Chapter Meeting
KAY Toliet Paper Mixer
KAY Block the Door
KAY Shape Mixer
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KAY Chapter meeting
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KAY Free Rice
KAY Snoball Dance

Kansas Associtation for Youth

The Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) is a state wide organization divided into six areas. Halstead is located in Area 6 with a total of 94 members including 16 board members. The head sponsor is Claire Clifford with Emily Heilzelman as the assistant. It is a organization dedicated to sculpting high school students into well rounded citizens in their communities. They do various community service projects throughout the year.

Block the Door is an annual event members bring in non-perishable goods to try to "block" a teacher's door. Other annual evemts include Snowball, Pink night, and Community Service Day.

KAY Week is a week long focus on humanitary/service activities. Members did various janitorial tasks to help out the staff, Free Rice for world hunger, honored buisness downtown, abd donated to the American Red Cross. Wednesday members brought different snacks to give to buisnesses downtown. Thursday students will donate money to the American Red Cross. Leadership confrences are atttended once per semester. Currently, KAY currently has 50+ students at HHS participating.


  • KAY Activites:
  • Cleanups after FB Games
  • Cleanups after VB Tournaments
  • Chapter Mixers
  • HMS Assembly
  • Regional Conference
  • Multiplication Rocks
  • Block the Door
  • Snoball Dance
  • KAY Week
  • Santa's Workshop
  • RUPP Concessions
  • Pink Night
  • Kids Day (Upcoming)



KAY Board Members   Chapter Members
Riley Maurath President   Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Cory Hiebert Vice-President   Adriana Martinez Braden Gerber Austyn White Abe Moses
Kassidy Bliss Secretary   Alexis Heck Cadee West Carter Zongker Adam Sigwing
Sky Werner Treasurer   Alton Speer Callie Considine Colby Hiebert Adelle Runnebaum
Patrick Porch World/Nation   Brian Weber Cooper Kohr Dakota Blaylock Bianca Gutierrez
Savannah Littlepage School   Emma Caldwell Emily Branson Dalton Kraus Bryce Shirley
Starr Barrett School   Evan Speer Jayden Barrett Davin Whitmer Dylan Goodman
Courtney Grider Service   Gage Carr Jayden Siebert Doreena Lucero Jennifer Lopez
Steven Cline Service   Harley Lang Josh Talbott Drew Blaylock John Jewett
David Schulte Service   Holli Black Kaia Siebert Elsie Warner Katelyn Boston
Samantha Huebert KAY Week   Issac Radke Lillian Schroeder Jessie Thomas Keaton O'Neal
Layke Heimerman KAY Week   Janae McDonald Lydia Johnson Kayla Newman Kodie Casey
Ernesto Esparza KAY Week   Jenna Martinez Madyson Beckett Kaytlynn Millspaugh Mackenzie Anderson
Cara Weber Snoball   Sara Lee Michaela Fisher Mathew Neises Nathan Loucks
Maggie McKee Snoball   Josh Loucks Shaeley Day Peyton Carr Samantha Schroeder
Daphne Williams Snoball   Kaden Kraus Willow Chesky Randi Pugh Tayler VanNatta
      Kaityln Thomas   Samantha Mueller Thalia Rodriguez
      Katelyn Waltner   Sarah Branson
      Kelsey Waltner   Sarah Koehn  
      Kristen Millspaugh   Sidney Chapple  
      Macee Kelsay   Sierra Grow  
      Olivia Seibel   Suzanna Ortiz  
      Priya Kuhn   Tie Groth  
      Scott Grider   Vinton Robuck  
      Veronika Harris