Halstead High School Spanish Club

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Bienvenido al club español! For all of the students that have been or are currently enrolled in a Spanish Class at Halstead High, there’s the Spanish Club to help extend their knowledge of the Spanish language even more. One event that did this was the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, parties in each class along with Cinco De Mayo parties. Spanish Club also went to a restaurant to take a test by ordering in Spanish. In the summer of 2018, Spanish Club will be taking a service trip to the Dominican Republic. Club members are working hard to fundraise for this trip so they can learn about another culture, help people in another country, and have the learning experience of a lifetime.
Ashley Slobodnik, Spanish Club Sponsor

“ The best part about Spanish club is going to another country and helping others in a foreign language. ”

-Ashley Slobodnik, Spanish Club Sponsor

Spanish Club Trip
Spanish 2 students learning the body
A Spanish 3 students work on phrases on the white board
Students in Spanish 2 placing the names of body parts where they go
Spanish students working concessions
Spanish 1 students are researching various topics