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Lil Abner ad
Li’l Abner takes place in Dogpatch, USA. The government wants to drop a bomb on the little town because it was voted the least necessary city in the United States and it’s far away from any other populated area. The people of Dogpatch are trying to show that their town is necessary through a plot with many twists and turns. The audience enjoyed watching the play almost as much as the students enjoyed preforming.
Claire Clifford, Theatre Sponsor

“We have a good turnout and a lot of people involved. We've been working hard and it's a comedy musical.”

-Claire Clifford, Theatre Sponsor

Daisy Mae saying goodbye to the wives
The Scrag brothers
The scientist talking about the elixir
Daisy Mae talking to the Yokums
General Bullmoose talking to Evil Eye Fleagle
The citizens of Dogpatch listening to the Mayor
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